What Jerome Bakes for us, delivered Fresh​:

Seasonal Scones

Fresh Sourdough Bread

Foccacia  Bread



Bee Sting Cake

Seasonal Crumb Cake

Vegan Tomato Pie

Jerome, The Rogue Baker

"Almost everything I bake is an expression of what I experienced in Europe and what I learned as a child from my German-American grandmother's bakery in Sewickley, Pittsburgh."

 James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and general disillusionment led him to do his junior year of college abroad in Marburg, Germany. With a degree in German literature and no career ideas, he pursued a degree in accounting to fund his European travels. He returned to Germany for a business internship in Bavaria. As an accountant, fluent in Spanish and German, he enjoyed a European lifestyle and was immersed in the history and the culture of the places he visited. He especially savored the food. He preferred working with his hands and found a job on a vineyard in Germany.

Additionally, he spent 2.5 years in Manhattan, which was culturally otherworldly compared to his "typical" Delco Irish Catholic upbringing at Saint Dot's Parish in Drexel Hill. Then his tedious accounting career funded 2.5 years in Spanish Colonial Guadalajarra, Mexico.

Each of these places informed his baking career. "I'm glad I never went to culinary school because everything I know comes from real world experience. What I'm doing here, in the last 9 years, was never planned."  Jerome's goal is to bring a little taste of European baked goods to Media.

He uses the highest quality ingredients in his baking. Always featuring Pennsylvania grown grains. His grains are freshly milled in Doylestown weekly, along the Neshaminy Creek, at Castle Valley Mill, built in 1730!