A cafe space is a very important and meaningful place for many, many people.  We wanted to capture exactly what it means to have a space like that for a person:  something that isn’t home, something that isn’t work - a place of respite, an island.  Cafe Isla is a name that we think encapsulates these qualities in a succinct and beautiful way.  


After working together for several years at the previously-named 7 Stones Cafe, it became very apparent to both of us that we shared many of the same perspectives, passions, sensibilities, and goals, when it came to the food and beverage industry.  We quickly realized that having a place of our own seemed like the next natural step for us.  The opportunity to purchase the cafe - to continue the legacy of such an established and beloved place, while also being able to make our own mark on the community that we ourselves had been a part of for so long - was and is incredibly exciting.  


Food and drink can be immensely personal.  We have always felt that taking pride in what we do and what we serve is an extremely important aspect of our business.  It’s part of what defines us as people.  It is also important for us to work with people who share that same philosophy.  We strive to work locally whenever possible, and to only bring products that we personally connect with to our customers and our community.  Our goal is to be able to share something meaningful to us with everyone who walks in the door.


 -Rachelle and Evan

Why We Do What We Do